• Free health check up at Tanvi Clinics at Thane, Dadar etc. Tanvi’s Concentrate Tablets, Oils, Liquids & Powders available at Tanvi Clinics & Selected Chemist Shops.
  • Tanvi Projects Dr. Medha Mehendale is honored with International Priyadarshini Award, Udyog Shree, Jewel of Tissa, Thane Nagar Ratna & Many other honors.
  • Tanvi’s panel doctors check the patients & suggest only natural Tanvi Herbal treatments for all health complaints. Tanvi’s Chief Dr. Medha Mehendale gives honorary lectures on Ayurveda & Homemade remedies to promote Ayurveda.
  • Tanvi Herbal products are used worldwide through exhibitions at America, Canada, Bahrain, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

The best results of Tanvi Herbal products give immense work satisfaction to our project. Like grandma’s remedies, Tanvi combinations are working well as the herbal home doctor. Without any side effects, Tanvi started great health revolution. That’s why without getting panic patients start Tanvi treatments with the help of Tanvi doctors & do get best & fast results.”For last 5 years I have not used any other medicine than Tanvi” these words show tremendous faith on Ayurveda & confidence in Tanvi. Tanvi project simplified Ayurveda treatments in the form of Tanvi which are very easy to use in day to day’s hectic schedule. The principles lay down by Ayurveda maharishis like Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhat is of more than 5000 years old and are proven right in today’s modern age also.

 Ayurveda is an ocean so even to start a drop of treatment in the directions of Ayurveda will give the best result. So to follow Ayurveda properly is more important. The same thing Tanvi project is doing with the devotion of Ayurveda. Tanvi’s herbal concentrate Satvas production & promotion has become modern day’s key medicine. Many companies are producing Ayurveda medicines in India. Some emphasis on best quality & standards. Some produce cheap, temporary but fast selling products. Some have used poisonous steroids & spoiled the name of Ayurveda. Food & Drugs authorities of India take strict action against such malpractices.

That’s why it is always safe to use branded medicines instead of loose powders & tablets where in the case of any adverse results company can be forced to take the responsibilities of the side effects. Branded medicines need to follow strict production procedures & rules of standardization. When Tanvi project was launched, everybody thought what new will be there in Tanvi? But Tanvi produced herbal extract combinations for all health complaints which are giving instant results without any side effects. All Tanvi products are DA approved & available at selected chemist shops. These effective Tanvi products are famous worldwide. Today’s young generation don’t want bitter decoctions, big tablets & bitter powders. They feel nauseated with these forms of medicines so they try to avoid Ayurveda only. Then how to bring Ayurveda in young generation’s life? For that Dr. Medha has invented Tanvisatva. This small, tiny Tanvisatva tablet can be easy, happily consumed & we can see fast & best results.

Tanvisatva is a combination of herbal concentrates. From 100 kg of any herbs raw material approximately 5 to 10 kg Tanvisatva is derived. Dr. Medha has developed different Tanvi health combinations with the help of Dr. Sudhir Ranade & many other doctors & produced Tanvi herbal Tablets with the special modernized techniques. Previously Tanvi was in a pinch size powder form which now is converted into pinch size tablet form. Tanvi tablets, oils, liquids & powders are available at chemists. You can read this book & start using Tanvi. For further details & guidance, Free health check-up facility is available at different places in Maharashtra i.e. Thane, Dadar, Andheri, Dombivali, Mulund, Kalyan, Vashi, Panvel, Nasik, Latur, Nagpur, Chiplun, Kolhapur, Pune etc. All of you use Tanvi, be healthy & bring Ayurveda in your life is the wish of Tanvi project.


  • Tanvi Herbal production & distribution.
  • Making of Hindi & Marathi films through Tanvi Productions:
    • 1st children movie Zoom Zam Zombie won Kaladarpan Award. This film was based on a 5th std. boy’s story.
    •  2nd film Gojiri A Love Story won many awards. This film won 3 Zee Gaurav Awards, Maharashtra Rajya Puraskar etc. Arun Nalawde, Sunil Barve, Madhura Velankar etc. is the star cast.
    • Tanvi’s next Hindi film is ready: It is in the life of a teenage orphan girl. Vikram Gokhale, Reemaji, Padmini Kolhapure, Ayub Khan & teenager girl Rucha etc are in this movie. This film will certainly win the hearts of people.
  • Tanvi Group’s Sharda Education Society’s Usha Mehendale Gurukul Vidyalaya is famous in Thane. This is a JRKG to 10th Std. govt. recognized school to develop idol students for millennium 2020.
  • No school bag. No Tiffin. No homework is the basis of this school. Children get fresh hot food at school
  • Self-Tuition, Arts, Crafts, Drama, Dance, Japanese, Chess, Career Guidance, Personality Development